A Success Story

F. von Langsdorff Bauverfahren GmbH was founded in Germany by veteran engineer Fritz von Langsdorff in 1964 in order to license a new interlocking concrete paver shape – the original UNI-STONE. Little did he know that in subsequent decades it would become the world’s most successful concrete paver shape.

The use of segmental paving, also known as cobblestone, has a long history and can be dated back more then 5,000 years to the Minoans on the island of Crete, but it was not until the advent of the pre-cast concrete pavers that their use became common. These modern pavers, with their tight dimensional tolerances and increased structural strength, made it possible to offer designers alternatives in terms of better performance, pleasing aesthetics and lower costs. The invention of the shaped interlocking concrete paver in Germany, especially the UNI Product Line, had tremendous success and in the 1960’s a period of rapid growth commenced within the then-formed German UNI Licensing Group. Germany sells more than 2 billion square feet (200 million square metres) of pavers per year. This is the greatest paver production worldwide. It retains the lead in the marketplace for advanced applications, creativity and innovation.

Soon after their initial introduction in Germany, UNI products were licensed in other countries. The uniqueUNI line of products was introduced to North America in 1973, heralding the founding of the UNI-GROUP U.S.A.In 1983, the Canadian office known as F. von Langsdorff Licensing Limited was established in Toronto, Canada to better serve the needs of the North American Licensee. It is now headed by Harald von Langsdorff, the son of Fritz von Langsdorff.