Nostalit / Grano

NOSTALIT/GRANO, also known as ROMANESQUE®, is a paving stone system that allows you to obtain the look and feel of the streets of the old world, while enjoying the durability and advantages of modern manufacturing. The flat surface and rounded corners give this patented paver a natural, old-world appearance, while its straight sides allow for easier installation compared to traditional cobblestone or other reproductions. This unique design ensures minimal joint spacing between each stone, which makes it a safe, structurally sound, walking surface. With NOSTALIT™ , the designer is not bound by any pre-set installation patterns. The system consists of a minimum of 3 different shapes that can be arranged to encourage a random look or dramatic, sweeping curves.

Both professional installers and do-it-yourselfers will enjoy this system, whether they are creating full or half-circles, fans or either structured or random patterns. Another application that is becoming increasingly popular is in traffic-calming uses. In slow-speed residential streets, the versatility of NOSTALIT™ has been clearly evident. NOSTALIT™ beautifully compliments traditional or contemporary architecture and landscape designs.

For licensing details and more information on this versatile paver system, please contact our office.