Uni Eco-Stone

UNI ECO-STONE’s patented, unique design features funnel-shaped openings which are filled with coarse-grained material to facilitate the percolation of the rainwater into the sub-grade. Environmental concerns about water shortages in time of drought, pavement restrictions and over-burdened sewer and drainage systems have created the need for a paved surface which would allow rainwater penetration through to the ground water table below.

The attractively-shaped UNI ECO-STONE interlocks to create a stable, durable pavement with a greater surface area than many of the turf-type pavers currently available. UNI ECO-STONE is ideal for a wide variety of residential, commercial, municipal and industrial paving applications for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

In addition to the benefits to the environment, UNI ECO-STONE concrete pavers may decrease project costs by reducing or eliminating drainage and run-off systems required by non-permeable pavements. Furthermore, UNI ECO-STONE can be mechanically installed for additional cost savings on paving projects.

With concern for the environment and the earth’s resources at an all-time high, UNI ECO-STONE offers architects, engineers and landscape designers an alternative to non-permeable pavements. UNI ECO-STONE incorporates the durability, attractiveness and reliability of UNI interlocking concrete paving stones with a new high-tech shape designed for water conservation.