ALPENSTEIN is a new and truly ‘green’ retaining wall alternative. Manufactured in a smooth or split-face design, these stones are ideally suited for building terraced, plantable landscapes.
The one-piece, modular units are easy to install and are excellent in either residential or commercial settings. A mini unit is also available for the do-it-yourself market. As a retaining wall system, ALPENSTEIN® does not just hold the earth back but is embedded right into it. With its flexible design, the blocks can easily be placed to create a straight or curved wall, and after soil and plants have been introduced between the units, greenery is able to take over the wall naturally. ALPENSTEIN® is a building block of landscape architecture that adapts to the landscape.

Green Stability
ALPENSTEIN® can be used in many areas of garden and landscape design as a modular system that enhances the ecology and economy of slope installation. These smooth stones anchor the slope or embankment and can be installed at various angles. Not just a straight wall system, the ALPENSTEIN® walls can be constructed on a convex or concave curve. These stable blocks create a large, continuous space for plants to flourish and ensures a sufficient supply of humidity for strong, healthy growth. The root systems of the plants aid in wall stability and the plants themselves offer an attractive and ecological alternative to the standard massive retaining wall. For a stable, terraced landscape use ALPENSTEIN® as a ‘green’ alternative.

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